Becoming a School of Wake Certified Instructor comes with perks! Participating companies are providing you with exclusive discounts and some we list because they’d be a great connection and resource. No matter what your goal is in taking the course, these are brands we know, trust and believe in. We are confident they will be of help to you and excited to connect you with them!


The equipment you use on a lesson can make or break a session. That’s why we endorse Ronix products.  Their boards are versatile for all ability level riders, durable to be able to take the beating of the repetitive use on lessons and high quality.


Don’t get burned by not having sunscreen products readily accessible for your students. Zinka is a zinc based sunscreen you can trust! Be sure to check out the colored nose coat – a kid favorite!


Comfort is key when it comes to having a productive session. That’s why we suggest having a size run of  Xcel Wetsuits available for your students use for those less than ideal days. Cut the chill and stay comfortable!


The BbTalkin’ Intercom is vital for the success of your lessons.  I don’t coach without it! Using this product will save you time and energy during sessions. More importantly, students feel they get more our of their session by being able to receive real-time instruction.


  Look Good….  Feel Good….  Coach Good…. with a head-to-toe wardrobe from Anetik. These fast drying, UV sun protection products are an absolute life saver when it comes to staying comfortable and protected on those long hot boat days.


From the founder of the School of Wake Course, Kirby himself has innovated products and made them available to you. Use them to help your students or talk with Kirby about becoming a retailer. Check out the store to see what products are available.

Malibu Boats

There is nothing more luxurious than getting a lesson behind a Malibu Boat. Your students will feel like they are in a high end sports car waiting for their turn to ride and when they do get behind the boat, they will be blown away by the quality of wakes and waves it makes for wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

Axis Wake Boats

Axis Boats are the ultimate work horse for lessons. The functionality is simple yet dialed for long hours of pulling students. The wakeboarding wake is extremely versatile and the wakesurf wave has more than enough power to push any surfer on the endless wave.

Zup Boards

ZUP multi sport boards are an absolute must for introducing new riders to watersports. These user friendly boards offer riders of the largest variety the chance to lay, kneel, and stand – All of which lead to building good habits that will translate into more success when teaching students how to wakeboard and wakesurf.

World Wakeboard Association

The WWA is an incredible resource for planning events. Whether you would like to hold a contest, clinic or demo they can assist you in getting your event running smoothly. They provide the tools you need for all your sanctioning, memberships and media announcements to help reach your target audience.

Belter Insurance Agency

Family owned and operated, Belter Insurance is the marine industry’s number one choice for coverage. They also provide personalized programs for recreational businesses such as wakeboard and wakesurf schools that offer lessons and camps.

Adventure IO App

The Adventure IO App is an amazing resource for our Certified Instructors. The app allows you to advertise your services on their site, use their booking software, and most importantly it provides insurance coverage for you and your vessel for all of the sessions they book though the site. This is a huge advantage for instructors just getting started coaching and can’t justify the expense of commercial insurance for their lessons.