Meet Kirby

Eighty percent of my life thus far has been completely immersed in wakeboarding and watersports. With twenty plus years in the core of the sport as a competitor, I’ve also had the privilege of being coached and mentored by 10-15 of the best industry athletes, and coaches worldwide. This ranges from Shawn Murray, Mike Ferraro, Dean Lavelle, Chad Brown and so many more. I myself began coaching in 2008 and with time have been able to blend the influence of my mentors with my own industry knowledge and teaching style to create one of the most safe and effective teaching styles available today.

Become an Industry Expert

The School of Wake Certified Course will reveal and make available to you the trade secrets and knowledge that have taken me decades to acquire. Bypass the school of hard knocks and the potential for costly mistakes and take advantage of having everything you’ll need to know all in one easily accessible place. This course is a wealth of knowledge that will make you better equipped in your region, on the water and in your watersports business pursuits.

Nothing compares to the high of finally learning a new trick. Coaching allows one a special and unique opportunity to recreate that amazing, accomplished feeling for others over and over again. Giving someone a positive and successful experience is priceless. Growing the sport in this way is my “why”. Because when clients take what they learned back home, it equates to them having more positive boating experiences of their own and the ability to share that with those around them.

The thing is, I’m maxed out. My sphere of influence and reach is only so big and there are people in your region who desperately need your help. So, consider this a personal invitation from me to you to become part of this exclusive group of high-end watersports instructors. Let’s see the love for the sport and positive learning experiences multiplied. Join along with me to coach with confidence and joy, help others achieve success they never thought possible, and create community. Become your regions industry expert, a School of Wake Certified Instructor, today.