Meet Kirby

I am a dad, business owner, professional wakeboarder, and professional wakeboarding/wakesurfing coach. My passion is equipping people with the tools to lead a safe, fun and memorable watersports experience in their families and in their regions. Whether you’re an athlete, parent, coach, or marine industry salesman…this course is for you.

What you could learn

Wakeboard Instruction

Wakesurf Instruction

Driving Patterns

Wake Responsibility

Safety Precautions

Boat Docking

Student Evaluation

Preventative Maintenance

Coaching Techniques

Trailering & Launching

Proper Equipment & Sizing

Rider Profile Setup

What instructors are saying

The school of wake certified course helped me to learn how to be prepared as a coach and boat captain in order to provide a professional experience when working with clients. The course taught me tips and tricks of the trade that I use when driving boats, pulling riders, helping someone learn a new trick, and even advance in my personal riding.

James OttoStateamind Watersports: Delivery Captain

The School of Wake Certified Course should be titled "The Gamechanger". Its attention to detail, its slowing down of the videos in order to point out errors and how to correct them, this course just simply has it all for beginner to advanced. As I progressed through the course, I simply kept saying, I wish I had these videos 20 years ago. We have no short of 25 new wakers in our boat a summer and we went from frustrating all involved to a 2-3 pull and up. These videos allow us to teach in a day a lot of techniques for next level wakeboarding and wakesurfing. It has also given us next level with our son as he gears his techniques to pro level minded. My favorite part- my son and I have become co-instructors of the boat we call “Wake Up Dude”. No matter how far we progress this course breaks it down to maximize learning potential. Thanks Kirby and Kirby School of Wake. -TeamSmith5

Keith SmithProud Father

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