A Sit Down With Wakening Watersports

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Author: Abby Siemer

Wake for Warriors was founded in 2012 by David Deep, a veteran who served more than 28 years in active and reserve services for the US marines. He understood the importance of having a space to enjoy himself and heal after experiencing the hardships of serving in our armed forces. Kirby’s School of Wake got an exclusive interview with John Schmersal, who along with his wife, AnnMarie Schmersal and colleagues Rick Keeton and Adam Wensink run the northwest chapter of Wake for Warriors. Read More

Wakeboarding Doesn’t Have to Hurt

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In our world, we’re often told that by the time we’re forty or (fill in the blank) we are supposed to hang up many of the activities we participated in and enjoyed from our youth. We’re trained to believe that by that particular time of life, our bodies will hurt and ache and as a result, we will be sidelined from the things we once loved.

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Journey to the Finals: Malibu Factory Pro

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I have been wakeboarding professionally for 12 years, worn hundreds of contest bibs, competed in heats with the best riders in the world, and traveled to the ends of the earth to compete and ride, but I have never had a contest experience like the one I had on June 30, 2018. Read More

The Big Announcement

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To Our Dear Customers & Friends:
Sydney and I wanted to take a moment to write and share with you about some changes you’ll notice with Kirby’s School of Wake in 2018. Before we share, we want to extend to you our gratitude for you and your family, for supporting and being a patron of Kirby’s School of Wake. We are truly honored to serve you and consider so many of you dear friends. You enable us to pursue God’s calling on our lives and we are thankful for that.

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Categorize Your Ride

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Imagine standing at the front end of a balance beam. The beam represents your day. As you walk, run, or flip across the beam each day, you become immensely aware of the importance of balance. Read More

Ride With Us Wakeboard Camp

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Every summer, Kirby’s School of Wake partners with the Eternal Riders Ministry to host a three-day wakeboard camp for ages eight and up. After months of preparations and planning, the check-in day finally arrived.  Read More

Wake by Faith

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Wakeboarding has been a driving force in my life since the age of seven. I remember being a kid scanning through all of the wakeboarding magazines and watching all the newest wakeboarding videos I could get my hands on to see what the professionals were doing. Now, 20 years later, wakeboarding is not only my passion but my career. Read More