Your Coaching Journey Begins

The School of Wake Certified Program is a comprehensive training course developed to give potential instructors the tools and foundation to conduct watersports instruction safely and effectively. This extensive online course includes 12 hours of video instruction, text, and illustrations along with a final exam. Upon finishing the course you will be fully equipped to coach an age and ability level wakeboarder or wakesurfer with the creditably of being a School of Wake Certified Instructor

Get Certified


As wakeboarding, and wakesurfing specifically, has grown in popularity and accessibility, instructors are beginning to pop up in increased numbers. It’s our desire to equip them with the necessary tools to give everyone they work with a positive and memorable experience by focusing on boat safety, towing safety and injury prevention through safe teaching practices. It is our hope to equip and instill confidence into those who want to share the love of watersports with others.

  1. Owners of a wake/surf school
  2. Camp Counselors and employees of camps that offers watersports as an activity
  3. Employees for a wakeboard/surf school
  4. Boat Salesmen giving demo’s for wake specific boats

Below are the additional requirements to receive full certification and benefits.


  • State Boater’s License
  • Safe Sport or Abuse Training = (estimated $10-$20)
  • American Red Cross CPR First Aid = (estimated $35)
  • Background Screening = (estimated $20)


Course Fee: $1,500 + $200/individual being certified after the first

These benefits are for those who become fully certified with the additional recommended certifications as well.

  • Access to the School of Wake Certified online course for one year
  • School of Wake Accreditation with Certificate and Certified Logo for marketing
  • Each Coach Profile listed under Certified organization on School of Wake Website
  • Kirby Liesmann available for personal consult and lesson shadowing
  • Product discounts from participating sponsors and affiliates
  • Insurance discounts
  • Access to School of Wake Media Portal

Annual Dues: $180/organization (all of the above benefits, plus the following) + optional $25/individual if organization elects to have their certified coaches retake exam as a refresher

  • Ongoing access to the School of Wake Online Course for another year
  • School of Wake Certified accreditation
  • Coach profile listing on School of Wake Website


  • Access to the School of Wake Certified Online Course
  • School of Wake Accreditation with Certificate and Certified Logo for marketing
  • Coach or organization Profile listing on School of Wake Website
  • Kirby Liesmann available for personal consult and lesson shadowing
  • Product discounts from participating sponsors and affiliates
  • Potential Insurance discounts depending on your provider
  • Access to School of Wake Media Portal

Steps to Full Certification

  1. Register and Submit Payment
  2. Provide Proof of Completed Outside Requirements
  3. Complete School of Wake Online Course/Exam
  4. Submit instructor profile

Certified Course Structure

The School of Wake Course allows you to view content and work at your own pace via desktop or mobile device. Come along with Kirby as he gives instruction from the multiple faucets from back of the boat demonstrations to on-water instruction via BbTalkin’ to voice overs of actual students talking you through what to look for. Each video is supplemented with reading material to reiterate and add to the video content to work with every learning style.


  • Recommendations
  • Set Up
  • Sizing
  • Rider Presences
  • Maintenance
  • Appropriate Use

Boating School

  • Where to Pull Your Riders
  • Inboard Boat Driving
  • Wake Responsibility
  • Docking Techniques
  • Driving Towed Watersports
  • Driving While Coaching
  • Creating a Learners Wake
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Trailering and Launching

Day-to-Day Operations

  • Pre Session Routine
  • Beginning a Lesson
  • Student Evaluation
  • Ability Level Boat Settings
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Boat Cleanliness
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Post-Session Routine
  • Safety Precautions
  • Emergency Protocol

Wakeboard Beginner

  • Intro to Watersports
  • Getting Up
  • Edging
  • Surface 180s
  • Riding Switch
  • One Wake Jumps
  • One Wake Frontside 180s
  • Board Grabs

Wakeboard Intermediate

  • Heelside Wake to Wake
  • Toeside Wake to Wake
  • Wake to Wake 180s
  • Wake to Wake Grabs
  • Frontside 180s with Grabs
  • Ollie Backside 180s

Wakeboard Advanced

  • Heelside Frontside 360s
  • Backside 180s
  • Toeside Frontside 360s
  • Wrapped Spins
  • 360s with Grabs
  • Tantrum
  • Heelside Backroll
  • Toeside Backroll
  • Toeside Frontroll
  • Inverts with Spins
  • 540s and Off Axis Spins
  • Air Raley and Glides

Wakesurf Beginner

  • Getting Up
  • Surfing with the Rope
  • Surfing the Wave Frontside
  • Surfing the Wave Backside
  • Carving the Wave
  • Pumping the Wave
  • Wave Slash
  • Tuck Knee

Wakesurf Advanced

  • Bottom Turn
  • Frontside Lip Slide
  • Front Board Slide
  • One-Footers
  • Belly Start
  • Wave Transfer
  • 360s with the Rope
  • Surfing 360s